Introducing Hopper 3 Dish TV – HOPPER 3™ with Sling
  Dish 2016 Hopper 3 Dish TV Multi Room HD DVR is the newest upgrade of receivers in the industry. Neither ATT nor Directv Genie doesn’t meet its features this new exciting Dish TV box offers. Dish Network offers that for new subscribers. Some restrictions apply due to the credit qualifications subscribers have to meet.   Hopper-3-Dish-Tv-4k-receiver-dish-network
Overview of the new Hopper 3™
The Hopper 3 is a smart, state-of-the-art receiver that allows for access of up to 16 live TV channels and supports on-demand 4K content. With many of the features of the Hopper with Sling included, the Hopper 3 offers a best in class user experience with the new modern User Interface (UI), high level of customization, and seamless TV anywhere experience.  With the introduction of the Hopper 3, DISH once again proves that we are the leader in entertainment technology.
  • Hopper 3 features 16 tuners that allow customers to watch or record 16 programs at once
    • For example, a family of 5 could all be watching a different show on their own TV while each recording second show with PrimeTime Anytime recording at the same time with 5 tuners still available!
  • Hopper 3 functions with the new User Interface (UI) and integrated search function.
  • Hopper 3 includes apps such as Pandora, Game Finder, and others.
  • Hopper 3 is NOT available to customers in non-CONUS (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands) or in low-beam
  Hopper 3 Dish TV       Hopper 3 Dish Back Panel  
  • Hopper 3 has the following features:
    • 16 tuners to support multiple simultaneous recording and live TV sessions.
    • Multi-room content sharing and whole-home HD DVR service with Joey 2.0, 4K Joey, and Wireless Joey.
    • Supports HD and 4K resolution Dish Network at (1080p/2160p) and 3D.
    • Supports the 52.0 remote at launch.
    • 2TB hard drive with DVR recording capacity of over 500 hours of HD content or 2,000 hours of SD content.
    • Allows for faster network and external hard drive access using Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 ports.
    • Ability to stream Bluetooth audio with Dolby Digital support.
  •  4K receiver Dish Network content will be available on the Hopper 3 Dish TV:
    • Video On Demand found on channel 501 or by choosing the “On Demand” tile in the Home menu
    • The 4K logo on the title line, as seen below, denotes 4K video content in the EPG
  • Netflix is available on Hopper 3 Dish TV by accessing it through the menu guide. Please take note Netflix app is NOT available on Hopper 3 but will be coming soon.
    • If a customer clicks on the Netflix app icon, they will see a “Coming Soon” message. Netflix with Hopper 3 feature is very convenient. Dish customers are able to lock the Netflix feature with 3 Years TV Price Lock when order new service. New Dish customers can get free Netflix for a year installing 3 Years Price Lock with DISH TV.

    About Hopper 3™ Dish Tv new Remote Voice Featured Introducing New Hopper 3 Dish Tv remote with reduced button and fancy design.

Next-Generation Navigation Dish Network redesigned the new Hopper 3 dish tv user interface from the ground up, combining a clean, modern and nice look with navigation, intelligent recommendations and 7X more processing power fast processor. This fast processor allows you to scroll channels really fast on Guide. Also changing channels from one to another is 7 times faster.  Channel surf at lightning speed and look up titles across your channel lineup, recorded programs, Netflix and On Demand shows with just one search.

Advanced Hands-Free Control

New customers* will receive the Hopper Remote with Voice®, complete with large lighted touchpad and the latest voice-recognition technology. Simply glide over the touchpad or speak any voice-activated command for complete control over your TV and DVR. Plus, the handy “locate remote” function emits noises and flashing lights when activated, ensuring that TV time is always quality time.

hopper 3 dish tv remote

 To get The Hopper 3™ Dish Tv contact Dish Network today 1.800.915.5474 or

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Hopper 3 Dish TV Deals:

Hopper 3 Dish TV Price Lock

Every new customer can get Hopper 3 with new account free if qualified for DHA Elite. Dish does the credit check verification. In this case it might be some fee included to get this amazing box. Lock your TV price for 3 years only with best Dish TV deals. The minimum qualifying package to get Hopper 3 is Americas Top 120, with 1 Year Introductory price or Americas Top 120 Plus with 3 Year Tv Price Lock Dish Package.